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OLO Fragrance Review | An Ode to Wyeth (Rave!)

OLO Fragrance is Heather Sielaft's Portland-based independent perfumery. According to OLO's website, their perfumes are at least 85% completely natural, and synthetics are sparingly used. OLO also refrains from using animal testing, alcohol, and aldehydes in their products. All their perfumes include fractionated coconut oil, essential oils, key accords and absolutes.

As my first purchase, I went with a 9ML bottle of Wyeth ($45 USD). Heather also kindly included a Palo Santo sample in my order, but I'm saving that sample for a different review.

I gifted myself Wyeth as a post-finals celebration gift. Sometimes, a girl's gotta treat herself! I don't usually blind buy perfumes, but Wyeth's name and description were too good to be true. Although Heather didn't name Wyeth after the Wyeth generation--it's no secret that the Wyeths are my favorite artists of all time. It also helps that I'm obsessed with landscape-inspired perfumes. Basically, Wyeth and I were meant for marriage.

On to the rave and review!

This review is going to be a little...different. Because Wyeth leans more towards the artsier, abstract side of perfumes--I figured it requires an equally abstract start-off. 

If I had to describe Wyeth in a song, it would be "Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea" by Passenger. This perfume truly allows me "To be free as the birds that fly past me / Light as the fish in the sea / To be wise as the mountains / And tall as the trees." Wyeth cloaks its wearer in the quieter side of freedom and adventure. 

W Y E T H (9ML)

 "An elevating mist blowing off the ocean combined with wet moss and wood from the trees along the northwest coast." - OLO scent description.


i. In Bottle: Mossy saltwater. Honestly, I was a little nervous about Wyeth upon taking a blind whiff. The musky pine resin and moss came off a bit too strongly for my preference. I also wasn't crazy about the saltwater notes' lightness. Thankfully--Wyeth smells magnificent on my skin.

ii. Wet On Skin: Wyeth is a musky fragrance that brilliantly balances resin with nautical saltiness. On my skin, it evokes memories of woodland and coastline. Upon application, I get a strong yet not overbearing pine resin. There is an underlying, darker and damper mossiness to this scent, but it doesn't compete with the pine notes. After approximately five minutes of wear, a nautical, saltwater scent makes an entrance. The moss notes change after two hours of wear, and become more generalized. The overall drydown has a modest, mossy muskiness that permeates for four to five hours. At this point, it's almost impossible to distinguish the individual notes from each other. It becomes an abstract combination of saltwater and cool muskiness.

This perfume takes an ambient path from start to finish, and shines because of it. I love Wyeth's colder and moodier approach to "forest and coastline." Wyeth transports me beside the couple in Jamie Wyeth's painting "The Sea, Watched." There's the freezing wind, there's the crashing of the sea, and the comfort of the forest behind me.


This is truly a well-thought-out scent. I like that Wyeth actually navigates its wearer through a carefully constructed landscape. In addition to accomplishing sense of distance, OLO manages to convey so much movement in Wyeth. I ocean hear coastal waters crashing against the shoreline immediately upon application. There's definitely also sense of an uplifting, "elevating mist" surrounding wearer.

iii. Notes: Pine resin, salt water, moss.

iv. Sillage: Strong. 6+ hours.

v. Bottom Line: Wyeth expertly commands the feeling of seawater, moss, coastal air, and the forest carried on a breeze. It's energetic, musky, and unisex. While the "woodland" resin runs at its heart, the salty, oceanic part of this fragrance never truly disappears. Although I'm not fond of musky fragrances, I love how OLO handles Wyeth. Honestly--this has just become one of my favorite perfumes. If Wyeth was an intense, willowy poet--I'd marry him or her in a heartbeat.

Ultimately, anyone interested in landscape-inspired perfumes might want to give Wyeth a try. It's also a worthy companion for anyone with a musky penchant.

vi. Personal Rating: 9.5/10

vii. Further Notes: I'm hesitant to rate the brand at this time because I've only sampled two perfumes. It's worth mentioning that OLO is a pricier indie brand--with full bottles at $45 and samples at $6. I do, however, want to praise OLO for solid packaging and customer service. In addition to my free sample, Heather also graciously included a complimentary traveling case for my perfume.

OLO - PERFUME TRAVEL CASE.  It's perfect I love it.

In regards to TAT--I was lucky enough to have my order processed and shipped the same day; my package took three days to arrive. Overall, I've had a pleasant experience buying from OLO, and would visit again in the future!

If you're interested in making a purchase from OLO Fragrance, you can do so at their website.

Have you tried out OLO Fragrance yet? What do you think? 

DISCLAIMER: My thoughts and judgements are my own. I am not an affiliate to the seller in any way. All shown OLO Fragrance products were purchased by me for my own personal collection. I review products for the sole purpose of recommending products I enjoyed.

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