Saturday, September 26, 2015


Moving into my new apartment has made life significantly more hectic. Living in isolation makes me constantly reconsider what I want from myself.

Recently, I've been concerned about how responsibly I've been living. We can only take from life what we're courageous enough to reach for. Truly, life is only as generous as we understand it to be. I can't help but ask myself--am I maximizing the present? Am I where I need to be? Have I made significant progress? Fortunately, anxious questions are made to be challenged. I can learn how to live as honestly as possible. I've been pushing myself beyond my comfort zones, volunteering at every possible turn, and learning more about my worldly fingerprint. 

Every person has a unique, inspiring goldmine; we all just have to dig deep to find them. Nature, literature, and my own relationships have started clarifying what I want from myself. Soon, all will be made clear.

  1. Slow morning reading and letter-writing. The cookies were a gift from my mother's friend. Quite delicious! 
  2. Tea and cookies from Coco, a close friend. I foolishly attempted a Hemingway thinking I could finish. 
  3. A lake and forest clearing from Maokong. Certainly one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. My Taiwan trip was memorable and breathtaking. Moving from a humid island to a Californian three-room apartment sure is different!
  4. Last but not least, Kimbra's very own "Goldmine."

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